So Much Great TV – So Little Time – Update IntoNow with Discover

We’ve been noticing that there is more great TV.  For the team we’ve been Into (well kinda obsessed with) Breaking Bad, The Wire, Dexter and Game of Thrones to name a few.

We asked ourselves why we are all Into so many new shows and the simple answer was because we had been discovering new content through the lens of what our friends are Into.

So we’ve made a core part of our product. Starting on Thursday we released an update to our iPhone app that focuses on discovery  – with a unique twist. We looked at the your tags, your friends tags, and what other people who watch similar content tag but you have not to come up with recommendations for what you could be watching. These created clusters and nodes for us to start surfacing shows we think you might like.


We took it once step further to give you a personal calendar. So now you can simply see based on time of day, what we think you should be Into… Now. The idea is to reward you with recommendations based on every tag you make (well actually takes a minimum of 3 for the algorithms to start working if you want to get technical about it).

As always, give us feedback. Did we recommend something great? Something you can’t stand? Every action you take to add or remove helps us understand more about what you might like.

Thanks for continuing on this experiment with us… so far so good, get the update… and more to come…

The Team at IntoNow

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