12 weeks and… Yahoo!

When we launched on January 31, 2011 our idea was to change the way people interact with TV. What we believe is that the devices we have in our lives are going to fundamentally change the way we consume, share and engage with content, and advertisers.

Over the course of the last 12 weeks, we’ve focused on how to iterate (with our team of 7) to bring more engaging experiences to our audience. We have a lot more to come and with that in mind we’re excited to announced that we’ve been acquired by Yahoo!

Yes that’s 12 weeks later… we were all surprised to say the least but it makes a ton of sense:

We want to grow the experiences, platforms (yes we’ve heard you loud and clear: Android, iPad, web-based, etc.) and countries to engage with you, our community… That takes resources and a global scale. 

Yahoo! has shown us that they are excited about what we’re doing and committed to continue innovating for our community. Most importantly we want to thank you for helping us continue to create something innovative, fun and engaging.

The team at IntoNow: Adam, Didier, Greg, Joe, Nathan, Rob and Sergiy!

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