Special offer from Pepsi MAX and IntoNow

We’re very excited to announce a unique partnership with Pepsi! In this exclusive promotion we will reward our users with a free 20oz Pepsi MAX for tagging the new Pepsi MAX spot. So, how does it work? Find the Pepsi MAX “Clubhouse in the Corn” commercial, tag it with IntoNow and follow the instructions to get your free soda. Simple as that!

Pepsi MAX commercial

Pepsi is an amazing partner in pushing the frontier of what’s possible in digital interactions, innovative technologies and social media. Sam Duboff (@sduboff) at Pepsi has been a fan of IntoNow from the start, and has been a key player in making this exciting new offer a reality. This promotion marks the first time that an automated technology like this has been used to bridge the gap from television commercial to real world product. Thank you Sam!

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