Taking companion to the next iteration

At IntoNow, we’re obsessed with the idea that you should be able to tag anything that you are Into…Now.  Mobile, tablets and connected devices are changing the way we interact with the world around us, consume content and also make purchases.

By taking advantage of the devices in our lives, in particular using new forms of inputs like audio to understand what you are watching and engaging with, we hope to deepen the connection between the tv, you and your friends.

This next release is a step in that direction. In the coming weeks and months ahead we’re experimenting with how to close the loop from a brand experience (ie. commercial) you see on TV to the real world of physical goods and services. We’re also working on incorporating more ways to reward your content experiences – whether it’s simply understanding what’s on your tv that your friends have watched/are watching, sharing recommendations, knowing what shows you have in common, or even giving you more content – we believe together we will see the biggest changes in entertainment as our consumption changes.

As our community, you’re helping us pave the way. This next month, watch this space.

Thank you as always – had a great experience, make a video, tweet it to @intonow and well find it.

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