1 million tags in 4 weeks!

We’re very excited to share 1 million tags in just 4 weeks. We’re definitely into that to say the least! You’ve helped us get there and we appreciate it.

What’s getting more from TV really about.

It means being able to tag anything on TV you’re Into whether that’s a great show, an amazing episode, a live event or a commercial. Yup commercial…

We want you to connect with your friends to make television more social, engaging and personalized. It’s what you’re into, what you’re doing right now, and there should be an easy way to share that with your friends. Along the way we hope you discover more shows you should be into… we certainly have.

We’ve got more that we want to bring to you… keep the thoughts, recommendations, feedback, ideas, rants, bugs, wow’s, mistakes, features coming.

All we can say is THANK YOU and watch this space!

The Team at IntoNow

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